Krisiun – Mortem Solis Review

Krisiun are the one among all Death Metal folds that my child of the night will easily recognizable by the first instrumental moments. I don’t know if it is because Krisiun were one of the first Death Metal bands I’ve ever heard but their unique way of playing got into my mind. By the way, “As Angels Burn” couldn’t be more Krisiun as a matter of saying. The initial instrumental bloodbath with insane and incredible technical guitar riffs are a stapler of the band. This was the way for my first time with the band. The band was in a show on TV – don’t ask me when and which show. Just impossible to remember – and the track had this incredible guitar riffing that sometimes sounds as a machine gun. Ok, emulate the machine gun sound is common for the drums but not for the guitar. Well, talking about the drums the velocity and blinding speed Max Kolesne imposes to his kit is really something out of this world. as “Mortem Solis” has a ridiculously huge amount of those incredible guitar riffs. Here is a band that really is aware of what’s doing. I find them one of the most cohesive today’s bands. “Mortem Solis” is a very cohesive album. My child of the night will get this soon. To some extent this album has some connective bullet points that link all tracks of the album. It’s possible to notice that all of them are somewhat instrumentally connected. Bottomline, this connection is the guitars. Some may say the band is playing the same track until the end. It’s not this. When I say connection I say that all tracks are linked. The musical idea that connects all tracks is present in each of them. That’s it. I call this personality.

From all tracks grand finale “Worm God” is the all that will sound a bit different as the initial strumming may deceive a little the fan. Cleverly, the band goes progressing it until the strumming turns into the typical Krisiun bloodbath and carnage. The difference here is that the mood takes a different path with the guitar acquiring a more Heavy Metal way. Besides all that, the strumming is kind of interwoven in the song. “Dawn Sun Carnage” with its oriental drive goes a lot farther from other tracks. “Necromical” has an almost martial progression and cadence what gives it all the heaviness and punch. The most obvious rack to pogue and headbang all the time. It’s final moments showcases a very interesting change of direction making it almost another different track.

I’m really sure “Mortem Solis” won’t disappoint newcomers or hardcore Krisiun fans. Its cohesive playing and musical direction surprise. I don’t if it this is the best Krisiun album but I’m sure it’s at least one of them. This album showcases that Krisiun are one of the most outstanding today’s Metal forces.

Krisiun “Mortem Solis” will be released on July 29th via Century Media.

Track Listing:

  1. Sworn Enemies
  2. Serpent Messiah
  3. Swords into Flesh
  4. Necronomical
  5. Tomb of the Nameless
  6. Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)
  7. Temple of the Abattoir
  8. War Blood Hammer
  9. As Angels Burn
  10. Worm God

Watch “Swords into Flesh” official music video here: