LAMB OF GOD And Other Gigs Affected After London’s O2 Academy Brixton Has Its License Suspended For Three Months

Lamb of God 2022
Photo credit: Travis Shinn

The O2 Academy Brixton in London has had its license suspended by Lambeth council for a period of three months, due to the Metropolitan police’s request following two tragic deaths at an Asake concert on December 15th.

The consequences of this action will be felt as several upcoming music performances featuring renowned artists such as LAMB OF GOD, SLEEP TOKEN, PALAYE ROYALE, BEARTOOTH and HUNDRED REASONS have been postponed or cancelled. Rebecca Ikumelo and Gaby Hutchinson were the victims who lost their lives that day due to crowd-crushing incidents.

Academy Music Group (AMG), the proprietor of a south London venue, has already declared that its doors will remain closed for at least three months while police investigate the incidents.

From SLEEP TOKEN (January 22nd) to SUEDE (March 25th/26th), a variety of acts will be affected by the gig cancellations, with notable names including VI*GRA BOYS (January 25th), PVRIS (January 26th), PALAYE ROYALE (February 10th), HUNDRED REASONS (March 4th), PENDULUM (March 5/6 ) LAMB OF GOD (March 11th), BEARTOOTH (March 19th) , KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD (March 22 nd/23rd).

According to an informant at the London O2 Academy Brixton, a security guard employed by their contracted company has admitted that staff will permit “a couple of hundred” extra people into concerts in exchange for cash. The insider relayed this information to BBC Radio 4’s File On 4 program.

The anonymous whistleblower’s explosive accusations in Radio 4’s upcoming programme “Catastrophe at the Academy” airing tonight (January 17) at 8pm, reveal that members of the security team can potentially receive up to £1000 per night through bribes–this information is already known by AP Security, yet they have failed to take any action.