LAMB OF GOD’s RANDY BLYTHE Says JAMES HETFIELD ‘Literally Helped Save’ His Life

LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe praised METALLICA frontman James Hetfield for saving his life after with battle with addiction.

“I got sober while we were on tour with METALLICA almost 9 years ago, Blythe posted on social metal. “The first day of that run, one of my crew guys came to me and said ‘Hey, Hetfield‘s looking for you’- we had been touring with them in the States & Europe for over a year and I was just RAGING, especially in Europe, but inside I was MISERABLE. He knew I had been trying to quit drinking, it wasn’t working for me anymore, & it all came to an end in Australia.

“A HUGE FACTOR in my willingness & ability to get sober while on f*cking heavy metal tour was the fact that I had James & some of his crew who were also sober to talk to- I didn’t have to do it alone,” he continued. 

James & crew babied me through my first month of sobriety out there on the road- it was a heavy trip. I couldn’t have done it without them.

“When I saw the news about James, I hurt so bad inside for him, because he was there for me when I was in such bad shape- I know how dark it can get. But it was also a very strong reminder for me of what I am, & what waits for me if I f*ck up & forget I am alcoholic.

“If you’re an alcoholic, NO ONE IS IMMUNE, no matter how long you have been sober,” Blythe added. James is in the right place right now, though, & as he has gone there of his own volition, it sounds like to me he wants sobriety back- and that is the key to it all, you have to want it. So my thoughts & prayers are with him- I love that dude. He literally helped SAVE MY LIFE.”

METALLICA were forced to cancel its Australia and New Zealand tour so that Hetfield could enter rehab to battle his addictions.

In 2002, Hetfield entered a rehab program and began maintaining total abstinence from alcohol. In a 2010 interview with So What!, the official magazine of METALLICA‘s fan club, Hetfield stated that he is a “reborn straight edge.”