LARS ULRICH Showcases His Guitar Skills On A New Fender Strat Model (Video)

Lars Ulrich Playing Guitar

Fender recently unveiled a versatile new Signature Stratocaster model, crafted for Colombian superstar Juanes, capable of producing sounds from pop tunes to heavy metal melodies.

Sporting a Luna White Satin finish, this musical weapon features a maple neck and a 22-fret fingerboard, complemented by a two-point Synchronized tremolo with a pop-in arm and an HSS set of pickups. These include two Custom Juanes Ultra Noiseless single-coils and a Custom Juanes Alnico II humbucker.

The new model stands out with its custom-voiced 12dB mid-boost circuit, which delivers “addictive, crunchy harmonic bliss”. Accessible via an S-1 switch on the master volume knob, this circuit can be adjusted using the second tone control.

Beyond Fender‘s traditional marketing strategies, Juanes received a strong endorsement for his new signature model. METALLICA‘s Kirk Hammett posted a clip on social media, showcasing the guitar’s capabilities. But the highlight was Lars Ulrich, METALLICA‘s drummer, joining in with his own Strat for a fun, spontaneous jam session.

Lars said to the camera: “You know what? I just want say one thing, you know we love you. For 40 years, guitar manufacturers have been trying to get me to flaunt their product. It took your guitar, and your signature… Strat? It took this for me to free myself to the point of sharing my guitar-playing abilities with the world.”