Le Morte – Midnight in the Garden of Tragedy Review

If all the great band names are taken, don’t sweat, translate them into another language and voilà, the miracle is done. Your band’s got a cool name and also, as an extra, the extracool experience of having a band name in French. Le Morte did this and it worked just fine. By the way, the name of the album “Midnight in the Garden of Tragedy” is of a so dark poetry. Of course, this is a Doom Metal album, but, there is always one, it’s not a typical Doom Metal album, for our’s and the fan’s sake. Le Morte are a band with two members who have been creating music together since 2008, and started writing a demo outside in the winter of 2020.

My initial decision was not to review this album. Its initial moments were too doomy for me. I thought the opening track “A Cold and Failing Light” would follow the Funeral Doom road as it showed in the initial moments. However, when the guitars stroke everything changed. An exciting and burning main guitar riff came with that famous Metal technique of making guitar phrases. Yet, simple, but so effective. The track acquired a more Modern Black Metal slant as Satyricon use to do. Following track “Conversation with Death” commences with a very simple and mesmerizing guitar riff which tunred out to be the Le Morte stapler all along the album. The simple and mesmerizing guitars give the songs a unique sonancy that mkes the band stands out from the crowd. Even though, “Conversation with Death” uses Doom Metal technique and, even though it sounds pretty doomy the impression the fan gets is that the song is a slower Black Metal tune. The eerie vocals are the responsible for the impression as the vocal duo change techniques to sound dissimilar. “The Tower” is on the same page being as mesmerizing as the previous tracks but with a different main guitar riffing that sounds simple and effective. It calls the eye the tracks’ tittles. Simple and, yet, with lots of meaning.

“Midnight in the Garden of Tragedy” is really an album that surprises the fan. It surprised me.

Le Morte “Midnight in the Garden of Tragedy” was released on November 10th via Darkness Shall Rise Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. A Cold and Failing Light
  2. Conversation with Death
  3. The Tower
  4. Sanguine Repose
  5. Gothic Architecture
  6. Monastic Portal
  8. Labyrinthine
  9. Last Dream of a Dying God

Watch official lyric video: