Left to Rot – Breath of the Tomb Review

“Breath of the Tomb” is a perfect sample of a hybrid of Old School Death Metal with Modern Brutal Death Metal with some details. The details are in the intro which could be a part of Zombie Horror B movie with the zombies opening a casket or a tomb or anything similar. Then, album opener and tittle track “Breath of the Tomb” blasts on the speakers. Blast is a great term to explain what happens here with a track that addresses to the good old times of mid 1980’s. The sonancy is really the same. Things, though, start to change with following track “The Hidden One” which adds some Modern Brutal Death Metal via vocals.

It’s really fun to listen to “Breath of the Tomb” and its combination of the old and the new. Vocals are a highlight as they keep changing around the tracks as in “The Hidden One” where Jason Dahlke keeps changing his voice to fit the track’s intent. The tight, and minimalist, guitars in the album are a highlight as well as they do what they are told. They are no show offs or flamboyant rip ups. It’s great sometimes to listen just what is expected. “Come to Me” comes slower. It’s the cadenced track to bring some breathing time to an album that to this point is breathless. But that ends soon as the track speeds up juts to show who the band is. Old school vibe with some dashes of modernity. Grand finale “Already Dead” adds some more technique to the album. It’s a vibrant tune that makes my child of the night headband hard.

Left to Rot revive the zombie terror ideas of mid 1980’s Death Metal bands. It’s tittle tells a lot about the band’s thematic choice. It’s an easy listening album to any hardcore Death Metal fan. The best example of an easy-to-like album. Make no effort and enjoy it.

Left to Rot “Breath of the Tomb” will be released on October 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Breath of the Tomb
  3. The Hidden One
  4. Come to Me
  5. Already Dead

Watch “Come to Me” official music video here: