Lurk – Aegis Review

Metal music is known for delivering Metal fans all kinds of emotions. But it’s not that simple and standard emotion, it’s the emotion if you know what I mean. Some of them are really hard to get. Metal music isn’t simple as though it may sound so. Some emotions are more dense than others. It takes a little more to get them. That’s exactly what we’ve got here with Lurk “Aegis,” a killing Doom Metal band that sails throught many Metal seas. “Aegis” is the kind of album that is hard to define to what genre it belongs. Mostly, the songs are Doom. I’d say Funeral Doom due to vocals and the slow instrumentals that, however, might change if necessary. Album opener “Ashlands” is a great view of what my dear child of the night will find here. Its mesmerizing guitars give the tone showing the fan what a slow torture may be. To some extend, the track sounds as if a Black Metal were taken all the speed and velocity. But it’s with second track “Shepherd’s Ravine” that the singular emotion I’ve talked about raises. The ethereal and somehow haunting strumming gives the gloomy tone of the track. The combination of the highly distorted bass lines with the guitars slowly kills. This track unique by the dark feeling it passes. The soundtrack of the souls that go to hell is here. It’s some kind of dark chanting. The griefing vocals are a highlight as well. Following track “Infidel” follows the same path though a little more shiny if you know what I mean. If that is even possible. Vocals here are more despaired and disheartening. If that is even possible. It’s like a black cloud has come and not gone. It’s inside the songs so deeply in the insides tht it would be so hard to take it out. All the emotions I aforementioned are here.

To compare “Aegis” with slow torture followed by a slow and very painful death is no overreaction. After only a few minutes of the album will show this to my dear chld of the night.

Lurk “Aegis” will be released on April 07th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ashlands
  2. Shepherd’s Ravine
  3. Infidel
  4. Hauta
  5. Blood Surge
  6. Kehto
  7. The Blooming

Watch “Ashlands” official music video here: