Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty

That Classical Music and Metal are perfect matches we all know for a long time. In certain ways Classical Music has always been present into Metal music if we consider the background of the musicians only. It was so because either one had the Classical background or was self taught in terms of music learning. Rock musicians are better known for being mostly self taught, a tradition that Heavy Metal carried for some time. Classical Music structures were slowly inserted into Metal music as the self taught musicians were being replaced by Classical studies musicians. Beyond doubt the stapler to this change was 1985’s Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Rising Force” which astonished the world with its classical structures taken from violin lessons. Guitar shredding had to be renamed after this album. Malmsteen redefined the way Metal guitar was played like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. “Rising Force” is an album that changed Metal music for good in terms of guitar playing and introducing what would be called Neo-classical Metal. Magic Kingdom “MetAlmighty” is the prodigal son of all this.

I like to pay special attention to opening tracks because, in general, and as a tradition from the vinyl era, they are to be considered as an invitation to the album. As you my reader may know, I never make any jokes or pums about bands or songs names, but I do say when they are proper or not. Well, “Unleash the Dragon” tells a lot about and “MetAlmighty” the music herein. Its intro with some orchestrated tunes to soon become an uptempo Power Metal with a fierce guitar works fine. It gives the fan an overall view of what it is to come. Make no mistake “MetAlmighty” is an album that doesn’t disappoint the Power Metal fan nor the Neoclassical one for it is made of plenty of both plus some epic touches. Well, the song is around eight minutes long. It also tells a lot.

The thing that called my attention in “MetAlmighty” is that besides being the product of a guitar hero, Dushan Petrossi, the album isn’t in any way a guitar album where the guitar is the highlight of everything leaving no room for other instruments or even the vocals. This album is well balanced and, of course, the guitar shines, but it shines because it’s very well put, very well planned. The fan will pay attention to the guitar because of the music and not the other way around. Listen to “Wizards and Witches” and tell me it isn’t so.

Magic Kingdom “MetAlmighty” will be released on November 22nd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Unleash the Dragon
  2. Wizards And Witches
  3. In the Den of the Mountain Trolls
  4. Fear My Fury
  5. Rise from the Ashes, Demon
  6. Metalmighty
  7. So Fragile
  8. Temple of No Gods
  9. Just a Good Man
  10. Dark Night, Dark Thoughts
  11. King without a Crown

Watch “MetAlmighty” official music video here:

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