March to Die – Tears of the Gorgon Review

Great music is the one that brings emotions to the surface. Tears, laughter, anger, hate, love, astonishment, and many others. I just love bands that put emotion first like March to Die do here with “Tears of the Gorgon,” an album to be really proud of. It might sound foolish, but I love bands that make us sigh.

Featuring members from bands such as Mirror, Friends of Hell, and Solitary Sabred, March to Die are a new entity smashing modern metal with a very colorful Epic Metal. “Tears of the Gorgon” is an album with lots, but lots of emotion entwined with very competent instrumentals.

Musicwise, “Tears of the Gorgon” sounds as the combination of Manowar, Motörhead, Exciter, and some Iron Maiden. The fan is welcomed by album welcomer “The Eternal Oath” which, by the tittle, shows everything March to Die are made of. The first time I heard it I though it would be a Doom Metal band by the slow and pompous intro with harps and trumpets. But then when vocals came it was clear the band has many Manowar influences. Following track “One Eyed King” reinforces this impression especially by the metalic bass lines Joey DeMaio loves. The difference is the harsher vocal with strong influence of Motörhead. This combination kills, if you know what I mean. The hard emotion commences with “Hail to Thee” the kind of track that makes my eyes water. Yeah, really! Great music makes us emotional, remember? But it’s album tittle track that raises all the eyebrows as it reminds a lot Exciter’s “Born to Die” from “Long Live the Loud,” a Metal masterpiece. The best moment of the album with an epic twin guitars the way Iron Maiden made them famous.

“Tears of the Gorgon” is an album for heavy metallers like me that love epic tunes with emotional shifts. An album to melt the hardest made of iron heart.

March to Die “Tears of the Gorgon” will be released on November 24th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Eternal Oath
  2. One Eyed King
  3. Hail to Thee
  4. Son of the Old Gods
  5. Helmetsmasher
  6. March to Die
  7. Stand and Be Counted
  8. Decapitation
  9. Tears of the Gorgon

Watch “Stand and Be Counted” official lyric video here: