MARILYN MANSON: That Time I Went To Walk Of Fame With Johnny Depp To Take A Sh*t On His Star

MARILYN MANSON remembered an adventure he embarked on with Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, telling Zane Lowe (via Alternative Nation):

“We know where you f*cking live, Johnny Depp. When he first bought his main house, the big one that encompasses the entire street above, that’s when I first met Hunter S. Thompson.

“He was really upset about the ruckus that Rodeo Bar below was making down below; he was like, ‘I want to shoot those motherf*ckers.’

“He had that hand cannon with him. He’s like, ‘They’re not going to know who it is.’ I was like, ‘They’re going to 100% know where it came from.’

“So then we proceeded to try to piss and or sh*t upon Johnny’s Walk of Fame star that he just got.

“Hunter, Johnny, and me – the three of us could not muster up either sh*t or piss, so we ended up just coming back home.

“This house is one of Johnny Depp’s houses. I stayed here a lot of times when I was making ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ I don’t know why, I just want to get away from myself, because I wanted to take the acting thing seriously. It’s kind of better than my house. I had just bought a house, and he said, ‘Well, I’ll just give you this house.’ I said, ‘You could have told me one week ago motherf*cker, one week ago you could have told me, but thanks.'”

During the rest of the chat, he talked about joining forces with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and QOTSA’s Josh Homme for an all-star jam session, saying:

“There was a night, after the Super Bowl, Johnny was playing guitar and Joe Perry was playing guitar – I’m in a room with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, playing guitar.

“And Josh Homme is playing drums. I’m trying to sing and I don’t even know what song we’re making, but Josh Homme was doing a very Queens of the Stone Age sort of beat.

“It stopped and then I said, ‘Josh, I’m gonna tell you the same advice I told Dave Lombardo from Slayer: do not make beats that confuse strippers. It’s not fair to them ’cause they have to work for a living. Don’t scare them.'”

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