Marius Danielsen – Legend of Valley Doom Part 2

Here we have a pretty good sample of how an epic Power Metal band build up a story and tell it to their listeners. well, epic Power Metal may be a little redundant, don’t you agree? From where I’m standing, a Power Metal band is always epic. No doubts about it. Marius Danielsen in “Legend of Valley Doom – Part 2” wrote twelve songs which take the concept of opera rock to the next level. If I may, I suggest you to get started by “Princess Lariana’s Forest” which amazing vocals will get you by the balls. The female and male voice’s contrast is fantastic. I f you vocal’s shreading – hehehehe – that’s the song for you. Full of high pitches, gritty parts, and choirs. A great job well done. I guess it gets even better because at the end it gets a talk between the king and the princess. As I told before, this is a story translated into music.

As most of their Power Metal peers, Marius Danielsen music has generous dashes of Helloween, but the band that influences the most is undoubtedly Rhapsody due to the opera thing. I wrote a few review before, that Power Metal is the modern equivalent to opera. Well, that’s not really accurate. Power Metal musicians have brought opera into Metal not only instrumentwise, but also the elements as the storytelling and the grand epic mood. “Legend of Valley Doom – Part 2” is a pompous effort. It is an album ready to shine as we can see from the beginning with the medieval like “King Thorgan”s Hymn” and the following “Rise of the Dark Empire.” Strong and grandious tracks.

There is another feature in “Legend of Valley Doom – Part 2” that calls the eye and that is the incredible number of special guests. Marius Danielsen was able to put together a real team of stars. Only to name a few: guitarist Bruce Kulick; vocalists Michael KiskeTim “Ripper” Owens and Blaze Bayley, bassist Jari Kainulainen and many others, too many to name all of them. A real parade of the greatest Metal musicians. The outcome could only be a fantastic album even if you’re not fond of the sword and magic thing of Power Metal.

Marius Danielsen “Legend of Valley Doom – Part 2” will be released on November 30th via Crime Records.

Track Listing:

  1. King Thorgan’s Hymn
  2. Rise of the Dark Empire
  3. Gates of Eunomia
  4. Tower of Knowledge
  5. Visions of the Night
  6. Crystal Mountains
  7. By the Dragon’s Breath
  8. Under the Silver Moon
  9. Angel of Light
  10. Princess Lariana’s Forest
  11. Temple of the Ancient God
  12. We Stand Together
  13. Tower of Knowledge (Vinny Appice Version / CD-BONUSTRACK)
  14. Crystal Mountains (Vinny Appice Version / VINYL-BONUSTRACK)

Watch “Tower of Knowledge” official lyric video here: