MARTY FRIEDMAN Before Joining MEGADETH: ‘I Would Have Played with Madonna in a Heartbeat at That Time, I Was Really Borderline Homeless’

MARTY FRIEDMAN: ‘I’d Rather Chew Glass Than Listen To JIMI HENDRIX’

An artist life isn’t that easy as many may think. The odds to reach stardom are minimum and one has to work really hard to attempt a position under the Sun. Marty Friedman can tell you so. Never forget that before joining Megadeth he played with Hawaii and Vixen, bands that achieved some success. He talked to The Metal Voice about those times:

“It never happened as I had another major audition opportunity the same week. I would have played with Madonna in a heartbeat at that time, I was really borderline homeless.

“I was living with various chicks and stuff like that – typical Hollywood sponge or type of dude; really nothing to be proud of. But that’s the way it was back then.

“I always liked Madonna. I knew about the Madonna audition it was like a casting call thing. I lived in Hollywood so I had my ears to the ground about any single thing that was going on.

“I was always trying to move into some kind of band situation back then and in trying every possible thing.”