Mayan – Dhyana

“Dhyana” is an album with lots of comes and goes. It’s one of those albums you can pick any track and the odds that it will be similar to another are almost zero. Let’s kick off with track number one “The Rhythm of Freedom” which is an epic tune that interweaves all kinds of Metal styles. It begins as a killer Death Metal tune to get symphonic with generous dashes of Power Metal. Voices are also amazing because you have in it male shrieking vocals, clean male vocals and a female soprano. All this in just one song. The epic grip is the glue that keeps “Dhyana” together. MaYaN are a band with a crush on epic tunes, no doubt about it. nevertheless, it works fine for them. Some bands just know how to be big. No wonder are the efforts of musicians from Epica, After Forever, Symmetry, and others.

Things change completely on track three, “Saints Don’t Die,” for instance, with its opera-like beginning which reminds a lot Rhapsody, but a bit heavier with sicker vocals. Vocals again win the day with some heavy and impulsive guitar riffs. MaYaN are for the strong at heart. A band that doesn’t save efforts to build up unforgettable and neat songs. Truth is, MaYaN are a band tuned with modern trends in Metal. The music they make in is “Dhyana” top tier. As I said, vocals are the thing in “Dhyana.” MaYaN are sending a message to all extreme Metal in the world, and the message is that is possible to write songs with clean and shrieking voices. Well, sometimes a soprano is also great.

“Dhyana” is a very well-built album with great instrumentals. Songs were very well produced. It’s no wonder if you see the constellation of big stars that took of it. First class team.

MaYaN “Dhyana” was released on September 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing;

  1. The Rhythm of Freedom
  2. Tornado of Thoughts – I don’t think therefore I am
  3. Saints Don’t Die
  4. Dhyana
  5. Rebirth from Despair
  6. The Power Process
  7. The Illusory Self
  8. Satori
  9. Maya – The Veil of Delusion
  10. The Flaming Rage of God
  11. Set Me Free

Watch “Saints Don’t Die” official video here: