Metal Against War, Syrian MAYSALOON Band From War To Death Metal

MAYSALOON is a Syrian Technical/Melodic, Oriental Death Metal Band, founded by Jake Shuker in late 2015, after playing a live concert in Damascus.

MAYSALOON members consist of Jake Shuker: Guitar/ Vocals, Yousef Yaziji: Guitar, Dio Al-Miqdad: Bass.

Few months ago, the band started recording their first ever LP called “The Forgotten Dawn”. The recording took place at Jake’s home with minimal equipment due to the hard accessibility and lack of financial support caused by the civil war.
The EP was released, contains 8 tracks:

  1. Lama Bada Yatathana (Intro)
  2. The First Believer – Al Namroud
  3. The Horrid Homage
  4. Seals of Astarte
  5. Seeds of Sanity
  6. Tanit Demands Her Due
  7. Hatred and Pain Will Always Remain
  8. The Forgotten Dawn (Instrumental)
  9. Pull The Plug (Death Cover)

They also released a new single with a music video called “Warsphere”: