Metal Music History: Influence Of the Gambling Industry

Metal Music Gambling

The link between metal music and the gambling industry is deep. Both can inspire thrill and give the audience positive emotions. Music in the metal genre often becomes a soundtrack for casino gambling. But what about the other way around? Are there musicians inspired by gambling? Read on to find out. We’ll tell brief metal music history, giving examples of some songs related to casinos and gambling.

The 1960s – 1970s

Metal music history basically started in the late 1960s when hippie bands made their music leaner and more punchy. While initially grouped with heavy blues bands like Cream and Led Zeppelin, within a few years, it was apparent that groups like Blue Cheer, Vanilla Fudge, and Leaf Hound created a new movement in rock n’ roll.

To play casino and satisfy the thirst for risk was one of the best ways of spending time for many rockers back then. Interestingly, Led Zeppelin often played in casinos and even recorded one concert in the best payout casino in Montreux. Surely, it was a casino win-win combination for both musicians and the place. The atmosphere of excitement and fun, shine and luxury, and the chance to catch luck by the tail and get real money during the game attracted the public.

Can we claim one particular album to be the start of heavy metal? Probably, it would be the 1970s release of Black Sabbath. Australian band AC/DC also is at the origin of the metal genre. The Jack song by AC/DC uses casino features (a deck of cards) to make innuendos about a sexually transmitted illness; check out the lyrics. AC/DC has never been cruder with their vocabulary. However, Bon Scott’s gruff vocals on the original version, released in the mid-’70s, make this a classic.

The 1980s

For a long time, rock existed outside of the mainstream.

But things changed in the 1980s. Metal’s rise was marked by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, and Van Halen. These bands made metal music sound suitable for radio and attracted millions of fans. Guns N’ Roses embodied a new glam metal sound a bit later. Contrary to popular subgenres, there were also extreme waves, represented by bands like Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, etc. Many rockers did play games for real money, which often resulted in writing new songs.

We bet you know Iron Maiden’s song “Angel and the Gambler”. It has an upbeat, catchy tune and lyrics. This album was released in 1998 while Blaze Bayley was fronting the band. This song tells the story of a gamer who attempts to give up but is unable to escape his addiction. Addiction troubles plagued several of this band’s members. Therefore this song served as a means for them to express themselves.

Is there a metal song about gambling that is more well-known than Ace of Spades by Motörhead? Motorhead tells the story of a gambler who believes that if the Ace of Spade lands, he will win every time. Because the player is aware of the hazards entailed, he finds gaming to be an enticing pastime. The song is a soundtrack for the Motorhead slot game, which many gamblers believe to be the finest metal-themed slot ever.

The 1990s – Until Now

During the 1990s, metal branched out into many subgenres – from underground styles like death grind to the new metal. There was one more significant metal style rising in the 90s. We talk about Norwegian black, known for its severe aesthetic. Along with black metal, doom metal has become one of the defining sounds of the new millennium.

Hard rock and heavy metal are still on fire. Authors didn’t lose their passion for creativity. If you’ve ever played “Deuces Wild” and know some casino tips, you’ll recognize the link between this Aerosmith song and gambling. The deuces in this context are what you need to win the casino’s jackpot. Besides a game, the lyrics involve a man’s affection for a woman.

Another song example is Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. The song’s lyrics haven’t a direct connection to playing casino. However, there is some connection behind the track’s making. This song was created in reaction to a Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention performance that occurred in a casino. Someone fired a flare into the air, and it rapidly began a blaze that swiftly extended across the venue. This event was an inspiration for the song’s title.


Usually, musicians are responsible for setting up the atmosphere. But gambling itself, the atmosphere of gaming houses, thrill, and casino life hacks, all that often inspires artists to create new masterpieces. This fact helped to appear many songs, including hits by Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Motorhead, and many others.