METALLICA Charge Tribute Band SANDMAN $1 Fee For The Right To Use Logos And Name


METALLICA charged Canadian tribute band SANDMAN with $1 fee to use their logos and name.

Earlier this week lawyer representing METALLICA had sent a 41-page cease-and-desist letter to SANDMAN, ordering them to stop using their name, font and logos.

After SANDMAN frontman Joe Di Taranto posted front page of legal letter on his Facebook page and when METALLICA realized what happened they told them to file it “directly in the trash”.

Now Taranto says that METALLICA gave them the license to use the name and logo for $1 which metal giants will paid themselves.

Di Taranto says: “I just got off the phone with Metallica’s management and they and the band had no idea their lawyers sent us the papers. Lars got wind of everything today and was completely pissed that they sent us the papers for something so stupid.”

“They are really sorry about everything and want us to go back to using any logos that we want. They are even going to license us the logo for $1 – which they said we don`t even need to pay. So all in all they were really cool and wanted to make sure we know that they fully support us. Pretty crazy. All good though.”