METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH Reveals With Whom He’d Share A Glass Of BLACKENED Whiskey

A few time before, Metallica launched their brand of whiskey Blackened and Lars Ulrich talked to Forbes with whim he would like to share a glass. See here who it is:

“[Late AC/DC singer] Bon Scott. Pretty engaging fellow. I don’t think I ever met him. I saw them live in ’76 and ’77.

“I met Angus Young and the rest of the band a bunch, and eventually toured with them. From what I hear, he would be a fun person.

“The song I’d like to listen to with him is ‘Overdose’ – not meant in weird way – it’s one of those deep cuts that still sound as relevant as ever. Literally a three-chord riff. To my knowledge, they’ve never done it live. That song – is the essence.”

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