Misery Index – Complete Control Review

It’s so good to after s a series of reviews of off Metal bands or non-standard Metal bands to review a Metal band with all the features that made it famous and known all over this sad and pathetic and little world. All the fury and despair showed here with “Complete Control” are very welcome as are all the pungent guitars with no electronic effects – sorry, I was homesick. I really like the sound of the striking guitars and the punishing drumming without any of the ffects that could take out all the carnage they can do. Misery Index showcase all this. By the way, as I said a million times, I love bands with a political agenda and Misery Index is a great name for a band with some social responsability.

What we have in here with “Complete Control” is the good old Death/Thrash Metal. Its own tittle also means a lot because control is what society really needs to stretch its long arms power to all of us. Control is everything for the ones with power. Power and control walk hand-in-hand. Well, some fans see Death and Thrash Metal as antagonics. I don’t. In fact, I see them both as complementary. There are zillion of bands that share the same interest and mix both. The thing is that in the 1980s early Death Metal bands used this antogonism to set apart from Thrash looking for an divergent image. It worked fine for some. Others thought it would be better to ambrace both. There is where I stand. In “Complete Control” it’s possible to find both traits in separate or mixed as in “Rites of Cruelty” where vocals go Death and guitars go Thrash.

The album opens up with the “Administer the Dagger” and the classical way of having a guitar strumming that creates an atmosphere of mistery and doom. This feature works just fine. Vocals spread all its despair and rage for all the track. As usual – we are talking about an album that brought me back to Metal – opener track is the most interesting of the album. “Administer the Dagger” showcases everything  Misery Index have got. All the power and the glory with some finesse in the arrangements and in the intro of tittle track “Complete Control.” Following track “The Eaters and the Eaten”has a greater dose of Thrash guitars. By the way, this song’s tittle reminded me of Motörhead’s classic“Eat the Rich”for its lyrics as well.

Somke reviews are written in the heat of the moment that’s why it is so great to hear some good old mix of Death and Thrash Metal in the good old fashioned way – hey, good old fashioned way? I’m sounding as my grandpa… Well…

Misery Index “Complete Control” will be released on May 13th via Century Media Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Administer the Dagger
  2. The Eaters and the Eaten
  3. Complete Control
  4. Necessary Suffering
  5. Rites of Cruelty
  6. Conspiracy of None
  7. Infiltrators
  8. Reciprocal Repulsion
  9. Now Defied!

Watch “Complete Control” official music video here: