MÖTLEY CRÜE’s NIKKI SIXX Recalls 9/11: ‘There Wasn’t A Single Soul On The Streets Of Los Angeles’

On the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx spoke on his syndicated rock radio show, about where he was on that horrific day.

“I was at a AA meeting, and it was very early. It was in Thousand Oaks, California, six-thirty in the morning. And a guy came in. And people weren’t really there; there was, like, only two people. Usually there was about fifteen people there in the morning, and it was a great way to start your day. And a guy comes in, he was out of breath. And he was, like, ‘Oh my God! Do you know what’s happening?’ And we didn’t know what was happening. He was, like, ‘Somebody bombed or something the World Trade Center.’ We were, like, ‘Bombed?’ And then somebody else came in and [went], ‘A plane just ran into the World Trade Center.’ And everybody ran out of this meeting. And I was sitting there by myself and I was, like, ‘What the hell is happening?’

This room, somebody had to lock it up. No one locked it up. Everyone ran home. I jumped on the freeway to go home. There wasn’t a single car on the road. I was, like, ‘What the hell is happening?’ I thought we were gonna get bombed in Los Angeles. I thought for sure. I raced home and I turned on the television, and then all the… everything that we know was happening.

I went out later that day… I had to grab something. I was, like freaked out. I was thinking maybe we were gonna get invaded. I remember all these feelings. And there wasn’t a single soul on the streets of Los Angeles. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. Everybody was in their house scared.”