Music in the car and audiobooks on the road. How to choose

It is difficult to imagine a long car ride in absolute silence. In the car, as a rule, something necessarily plays in the background – music from the carrier, radio, favorite podcasts, or audiobooks. We tried to understand the subtleties of this process: why we need music in the car, in which cases it can be harmful, how to competently make a playlist for the road and what nuances to take into account.

Audio in Car


Stimulation of concentration. A long road, monotonous landscapes, or nighttime tires the driver even if you are on a vacation and driving the most comfortable rental car. Rhythmic music drives away sleep and makes you cheer up. If you choose to hire a car from the rental company check the audio library in the vehicle, however, in case choosing Rolls Royce rental Dubai you may be sure that it will offer you plenty of options.

A well-chosen playlist helps the driver to relax and reduce stress, banish anxious thoughts and cheer up, which helps the driver to be as focused as possible on the road and not get into an accident due to thinking about pressing problems and playing unpleasant situations in the imagination while driving.

Relieves boredom. And boredom, as they say, exhausts a person worse than physical exertion.


Aggressive music of heavy styles can imperceptibly affect the dynamics and driving style of the driver, make it sharp, and fast, and cause the risk of not coping with control in case of an unforeseen situation on the road while driving your Rolls Royce.

Too calm and prolonged music, in turn, can put the driver to sleep.

It is necessary to monitor the volume level. This position should be as comfortable as possible because too quiet a sound subconsciously irritates, and the need to listen distracts from the road. Too loud a decibel level, as well as aggressive rhythms, can provoke a loss of control over the control of the vehicle.

If you use a playlist from an offline device or use autosave in the application, its contents must be updated at least once a month. Boring melodies and their order no longer cause such positive emotions, moreover, they can start to annoy.


Rhythmic and calm melodies should alternate to keep you and your concentration in good shape.

The optimal length of the composition is 3-4 minutes. During this time, the song will already have a positive effect on you.

Be sure to include songs in the list that you can sing along to. This will help you shake up the monotonous road and cheer you up.


If you are tired of the music in the car, then it’s time to switch to audiobooks. But try not to particularly empathize with the heroes of the work. After all, in this case, you will concentrate more on what will happen next, and you should – on neighboring cars and road signs.

There are heated discussions about audio literature in a car journey: someone believes that it is impossible to listen to books in a car, since you need to concentrate on one thing, and someone can no longer imagine a long road without the voice of a beloved speaker.

Audiobooks are great if you have a long way to go. Thus, you do not waste time on the road, but have a fascinating time reading adventure novels, or a popular science podcast.

It is useful to learn a foreign language in the car. This will save you a lot of time, which is always not enough at home, and in traffic, as a rule, there is plenty.


We hope you will listen to your favorite radio stations, CDs in a new way and adjust the volume level in the car. After all, you still have tens of thousands of kilometers ahead of you, and you don’t want the music in the car to cause an unexpected stop.