Myths and Facts Behind Playing the Bass Guitar

Bass Player

Bass guitarists are the hero working under the shadow of a band. Unlike a vocalist or a lead guitarist, the bass guitarist tends to stay in the back. But It doesn’t necessarily mean they are not helping the band in any way. Bass guitarists are the backbone of a band as they hold the music together. Many potential bass guitarists lose their interest because of the myths they read online. So my purpose of this article will be to break the myths and bring back the interest that has been lost through years of bad naming. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Bass is easy

Many people think bass guitar is the less complex version of the guitar. Technically it is because the traditional bass guitar comprises four strings. But it does not mean it is easy to play in any way. Playing the bass guitar requires a very strong hand. Since the frets are longer, you might even need to spread your fingers a lot more than a solo guitarist. It is tiring, saying the least. Did I tell you the bass guitar playing techniques are also very hard? The slap bass sounds really nice, right? But I should let you know, it is very hard to master, and it takes a lot of practice just to get one slap correct.

Bass guitarists fear the crowd

A lot of people think since bass guitarists tend to stay in the back because they fear the crowd and feel unimportant. But the truth is, they are controlling the whole squad. Yes, they are not in the spotlight like any vocalists or guitarists, nor do they look as cool as a drummer. But it is important that they find a place where they can concentrate on the music and control the music while keeping pace.

Start with a cheap bass

Many beginners ask; what bass guitar should they get? And unsurprisingly most of the people suggest getting the cheapest one they can find. But the idea is totally wrong. Good bass is built well, and it sounds good. It is very significant that a beginner tastes pleasant sound during their initial days of learning. Try to go for bass guitars that are reasonably priced. Low-priced guitars are built with not the best materials, and at all honesty, it doesn’t sound good at all. A reasonably priced guitar will provide you with both wonderful sound and durability. So if you are a beginner you can check out our article on choosing your first bass guitar.

Bass does not add anything to the song

This myth is a very common one. Indeed, you usually don’t see a bass solo in a song. But if you listen to a lot of songs and try to analyze, you will realize bass guitars are being played through all music. It is because, without the bass guitar, it sounds very flat. The bass gives the song a soul, and it makes the song absolutely beautiful. Without the bass, a guitar wouldn’t sound nearly as powerful as it sounds.

I hope our article shed some light on you and motivated you to learn more about the bass. If you are already interested in learning bass, why not check out top 10 acoustic bass guitars? Thank you for reading and best of luck.

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