Never Again – Void in Black

It’s a praxis to detail in the press kit if the band is female-fronted to highlight the presence the very much welcomed of women in the album and in the band. It beats me why the same doesn’t happen while detailing Symphonic Metal bands – hahahahahahaha. Can you guess why? Do you know any Symphonic Metal band which the vocals are male? I can’t say I do. well, whatever. It’s great to see a niche where the beautiful half of humankind is majoritary.

I really like when bands escape from their labeling doing things that aren’t expected from them due to their genre, or subgenre. No, Never Again with “Void in Black” aren’t the new hope to Symphonic Metal, or Metal itself, but the band does have their finest moments. Guitars are heavier and low-tuned so they get even heavier, keyboards aren’t that flamboyant as usual, and vocalist Lilith Von Krone doesn’t use “the Symphonic voice” all the time. Pay attentioon to the opening track “Church Of Pain” and notice that she sings all the time with no vibrattos or falsettos. Just her clean and beautiful voice. For a style that exagerating is the rule, it is pretty much okay. We must respect that. I do. There are times when she reminds a lot Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick. Don’t know? She’s the woman who sings “White Rabbit.” Now you got it, huh?

“Void in Black” mixes with their Symphonic Metal generous doses of Modern Metal with the big sounding low-tuned guitars, but with the guitar solos. From where I’m sitting, only the title track “Void in Black” sounds as a regular Symphonic peer. By the way, while listening to it I had the impression that they were using an electronic drum system. If it’s not, it does sound as if. There is also an Evanescence pint here and there especially on keyboards. But the guitars are great. Great solo. The killer guitar riffing in “Ruthless Doll” is also amazing. I also enjoyed the vocal duet with the harsher male voice. And there goes album, once more melodic, other times more ruthless always with the heavier grip what is amazing.

Never Again “Void in Black” was released on October 19th, 2019 via Rock CD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Beyond the Veil
  2. Church of Pain
  3. Lilith
  4. Void in Black
  5. Ruthless Doll
  6. I Bring HATE
  7. In Love with a Dead
  8. Blessed by the Moon
  9. Press Scar to Play
  10. Failed Ritual
  11. Lost of a Lifetime

Watch “Void in Black” official video here: