New SLAYER Album Is PAUL BOSTAPH’s ‘Reign In Blood’ Says KERRY KING


SLAYER guitarist Kerry King talked to Loudwire last week about the band’s forthcoming studio album, which will be released in August.

On what Paul Bostaph and Gary Holt brought to the recording process for the new SLAYER album, Kerry says:

“I think it’s just making the unit whole, more than anything. Of course, Paul can play the s**t out of the drums. I didn’t realize — and I don’t mean this in a detrimental way to Paul — I never realized Paul had so many niche SLAYER fans who are just Bostaph fans; I didn’t realize that, and a lot of people had mentioned that to me since Paul has been working on the record. And I think that’s great, ’cause people are gonna be stoked when they hear what he did on this record. I used to say ‘God Hates’ was his ‘Reign In Blood’. The new one is his ‘Reign In Blood’. The new one’s… I would play any song live.”

Watch entire chat below: