Non Residents – Against Police Brutality Review

Punk’s aesthetics and philosophy really make my mind. I’m attracted to what they have say and to me they say much especially when they stand against everything that is wrong in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. And as we all know there is much. However, the music not so much. I’ll elaborate. I share many punk beliefs and values, however the music doesn’t make me so happy. I don’t know I just prefer Metal music with all its excesses and all. Metal talks to me in a higher sense, but the philosophical concepts of anarchy make my mind. The best case scenario would be a band that follows Metal music and Punk politics. Too hard to find, isn’t it, but not impossible. Once in a while some hybrids come to the scene making a huge fuzz. Non Residents fit in this description with an album called “Against Police Brutality,” do I have to say anything else? Bands with agendas do make my mind as you my dear fan knows.

Musically Non Residents are very near Suicidal Tendencies with their mix of a nervous Hardcore with Thrash Metal with a brutality and finesse that very few bands can have. “Against Police Brutality” combines angry vocals with some melody, sharp and direct guitars with some finesse and lyrics that would make my fan really proud of – of course, if my fan like me has an agenda. Guitarist Benjamin Schnake has some style delivering the fan staright ahead punk riffing with sharp Metal constructions and solos. The music here is furious and full of wrath. Well, just take a look at the album tittle and reason about it. Easy to see in what side of the story the band is. “Against Police Brutality” is a cry-out against all sorts of inequalities and brutality and violence. “This Is America” is a punch into all prejudice with all the ferocity I really appreciate. But “Against Police Brutality” also has its cadenced moments with “Resilience” a track dedicated to all peoples that fight against all kinds of oppressions in this sad and lonely and pathetic little world. Human beings are the resilience itself, if you know what I mean.

In the mix of Metal and Hardcore Non Residents opted for the Metal in the instrumentals and hardcore for the vocals. A track as “Comfortably Tied” proves it simply. Or at least a piece of what used to be called Crossover. I really liked the metallic guitar solos the band delivered in “Freedom” another word that means a lot to us all. “Against Police Brutality” is the kind of album that will please metalheads and hardcore fans. Its combinations of both extreme cultures is pretty strong and pungent. And, of course, they are on the right side of history.

Non Residents “Against Police Brutality” will be self-released on October 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. We Are Non Residents
  3. Not for Me
  4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  5. This Is America
  6. Resilience
  7. Comfortably Tied
  8. Freedom
  9. Preludio
  10. Brutal Cueca

Watch “This Is America” official video here: