Nova Skellis – Life Amongst the Damned Review

When a band decides, let’s put it this way, to be a band there are many discussions to be made or, depending on the guys, none. One of the most important discussion is about the genre or, if my child of the night prefers this way, the kind of music the band will follow. This isn’t an easy matter. Most of the times the band is aware of the pros and cons of each genre to follow. Other times the band is totally out of it. Of course, this can – and will – be completely different from the plan. Maybe this is the most common thing. Other times things go smoothly according to the plan. Ok, now about today’s band Nova Skellis with “Life Amongst the Damned,” which is a NWOBHM effort with all its pros and cons. I guess in 2023 all bands, or in 2018 when the band was formed, everybody was aware of the weight of this decision. If Metal music is a niche, the subgenre of Metal Nova Skellis opted is the niche of a niche. However, as many of their peers in the past or in the present, maybe also in the future, what really matters is the urge to make music. It’s the urge of making great Metal music the best and the most enthusiastic they can that really matters. Nothing else matters – oops! That’s what my dear child of the night will find in here with “Life Amongst the Damned,” an album recorded with that thirsty for blood.

Nova Skellis as many of their peers of today are a multinational band with member from different continents who decided to make great Metal music. “Life Amongst the Damned” has the collaboration of Tomás Kittsteiner on the bass and Jürgen Vollmer on the guitars. By the ten tracks of the album it’s possible to feel all the passion and enthusiasm the band gathered to record it. I’m trying to remember to whose voice Edward Green’s could be compared to. I guess the late Steve Grimmett would be a fair comparison though the band’s music doesn’t sound as much as Grim Reaper. There are some Iron Maiden influences, much on vocals, as in Something Wicked This Way Comes” may make my dear child of the night think. All the Comfort of the Graveyard” tells the same tale. Well, being fair with Nova Skellis many bands made their names being influenced by Iron Maiden. Helloween can tell that tale. To some extent, I feel some Dio in it. I mean, the general mood of the band is somewhat related to Dio. Or better, maybe this impression comes from tracks as Mother, May I?” or grand finale Once Upon a Time” whose sound address to Rainbow from Dio’s era. My impression this is. It may not be that precise however. We’re talking about music. Metal music. Precision is only a desired feature. Or am I wrong?

Nova Skellis “Life Amongst the Damned” was released on April 04th via Metalloscope Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Life Amongst the Damned
  2. Gods to Strike You Down
  3. Fall in Line
  4. Wicked Child
  5. Morrigan’s Rede
  6. Skull Full of Bees
  7. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  8. All the Comfort of the Graveyard
  9. Mother, May I?
  10. Once Upon a Time

Watch “Life Amongst the Damned” official lyric video here: