Noveria – The Gates of the Underworld Review

Progressive Metal has many facetes. I like to say that bands can be more Progressive than Metal or more Metal than Progressive. The difference between both is huge. The aggression level is what makes them so different. “The Gates of the Underworld” is an album that belongs to the second option. There are very few elements of Progressive Metal in it if my dear fan has a standard Prog Metal as an example. I dare to say that they are almost all related to the lyric session of the band with themes that go from psychotic break, escaping a narcissistic relationship, the aftermath of surviving a heart attack, to get to a near death experience. It’s true we metallers are used to Metal bands’ approach to sensitive themes, but it’s always great to see a band that goes beyond.

There is also something dissimilar in the music Noveria deliver here. There are so many elements of modern Metal in the “The Gates of the Underworld” to not be noticed. The thick guitars plus the absence of guitar solos tell this tale much better. The absence of guitar solos is the thing that really surprises the fan. we are used to Prog Metal albums being so full of them. Not this one. I won’t say it doesn’t matter because to me guitar solos matter a lot, but, somehow, to Noveria this absence works. Tracks as “Anima” prove this point with their thick guitars although this one has a guitar solo. Pretty good, by the way.

It’s interesting to notice how the album changes track by track. Album opener “Heritage” might fool the fan as it passes a different story with all its mood and tempo and cadence changes plus a lot of keyboards. Following track “Origins” is even more Progressive with its neoclassical guitars. It’s the bass that gives Modern Metal tone with its sound and way of performing. It’s really a funny thing to notice. Noveria break the Metal tradition idea of not having prominent bass lines. On one hand, instrumentwise “The Gates of the Underworld” is a well-balanced album. All of them have their chance to shine.

“The Gates of the Underworld” is an album that will please not only Prog Metal fans. Its unusual approach might hit bull’s eyes of many metallers. Very well-deserved.

Noveria “The Gates of the Underworld” will be released on August 25th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Heritage
  2. Origins
  3. Descent
  4. Venom
  5. Revenant
  6. The Gates of the Underworld
  7. Ascent
  8. Overlord
  9. Anima
  10. Eternal

Watch “Overlord” official music video here