Ohmwork – In Hindsight Review

It’s really funny how an impression can change the more one listens to an album. The more one listens to an album, the more the impression changes. I mean, sometimes it changes head over hills. This is due, of course, to the attention one gets each time listens to an album. Sometimes the first isn’t that 100% attention, or, first track gives a wrong impression. That’s exactly what happens here with Ohmwork and “In Hindsight.” Album warmer “Trial of the Witch (pt. II)” commences as a typical Doom Metal tune. Did I say typical? Add more features to the typical and, voilà, that’s the intro for at least the initial seconds. The thing is that track changes head over hills after the initial seconds. From atypical Doom Metal track it becomes a groovy Hard Rock with an exciting main riff. There are lots of 1970’s Heavy Rock features in it, for instance, the very heavy bass lines and the sleazy guitars. There is much more to come.

“In Hindsight” is a pretty varied album in terms of moods and influences. The main drive is the 1970’s Doom Metal mood, but it’s subtle. Only second track “17 Years” shows it all with that taste of Black Sabbath. The thick guitars and hard hitting drumming give the tone. “17 Years” adds one more feature to the cauldron of influences and that is the keayboards a la 1970’s Deep Purple. They are so deep and piercing. It’s like spikes to the bones. Ok, then, now with “17 Years” the fan will think that the dough is already baked, but it’s not. “Welcome to My Insanity” comes with an insane acoustic guitar strumming that leads the way to a creepy Uriah Heep keyboarding. The guitars are really insane. In the middle of all this, there is some kind of ballad mood in the general take of the song. Well, in fact, there are so many changes in it that it’s almost impossible to say what is the main take. Great song. Great album. I didn’t expect that much when I put it to play.

So, you think it’s enough. Sorry dear, “Turmoil” comes with some modern Doom Metal effects that makes it another track of the album. Only the guitars might say something about belonging to the initial tracks of the album. The last, but not the least, comes the grand finale, the seven minute “Adrift” which goes into that moody 1970’s songs inspired on Led Zeppelin. A song where the tension goes in crescendo to burst into some tight guitars. Masterpiece, I tell you.

One more album to nominate.

Ohmwork “In Hindsight” was released on October 13th via Rob Mule Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Trial of the Witch (pt. II)
  2. 17 Years
  3. Welcome to My Insanity
  4. Turmoil
  5. Relentlessly Closer
  6. In Hindsight
  7. The Web
  8. Adrift

Watch “Welcome to My Insanity” official lyric video here: