Old Ruins – Always Heading East Review

“Always Heading East” proves one thing hardheaded metalheads don’t want to see. Black Metal has evolved beyond recognition through the years. That’s a fact. Except for the eerie and harsh vocals there is nothing here that, instrumentally, resembles to original Black Metal bands. Well, great to some, bad to others. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. The guitars are very melodic in all senses giving all the contrast I always talk about I love. Christian Krajewski and Ersin Kara’s guitars are pretty melodic and both axemen use lots of Heavy Metal techniques plus some Modern Black Metal as the repetition of some chords and notes in order to create an atmosphere of chaos. That doesn’t mean that Old Ruins emulate 1980’s Black Metal pioneer bands as Venom. No, sir, their music is pretty modern just because of the mix they make. I wouldn’t dare to cite a band from that time that had this kind of sound. The nearest would be Carcass or Arch Enemy, but they”re from the 1990’s.

The album commences with the blasty and furious “The Dark Wanderer,” which by it, my dear child of the night might notice the Black Metal slant of Old Ruins and its diverse approach that comes from the guitars. There is an intense break at the fourth minute where the guitars showcase their shiny melodic approach. The main riff is a pure approach from the 1980’s Epic Metal. However, vocals scream it’s Black Metal we’re talking about. Following track “Tristram” trails the same track with a catchy and shiny, not to say, vibrant main guitar riff. The song goes in a crescendo as most of their peers from the 1980’s to burst into a flashy lead guitar using much more of heart than technique. By the way, Old Ruins have lots of heart. The madness is broken by the atmospheric “The Desert Sands” which is a track that takes the band more Modern folds. Remember what I said about mixing both Modern and Old?

Here we’ve got an album that will please both Old School Heavy Metal and Black Metal fans. “Always Heading East” walks easily by both delivering the fan great melodies and mayhem, the two things metallers love the most. I strongly suggest fans to go right to “Risen from the Grave,” the track that, from where Im standing explains the band better.

Old Ruins “Always Heading East” will be released on September 15th via Doc Gator Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Dark Wanderer
  2. Tristram
  3. The Desert Sands
  4. Risen from the Grave
  5. The Fallen Temple
  6. Mephisto
  7. Lord of Hell
  8. Sescheron

Watch “Risen from the Grave” official lyric video here: