OMEGA Releases New Music Video For ‘Ratis’

OMEGA, one of the darkest and most mysterious bands in the old world, are back with a new single entitled “Ratis”.

Check out the new video below!

A monumental track of over 13 minutes that intertwines Atmopsheric Black Metal sounds with an Avantgarde Doom approach through Dark Ambient interludes inspired by the Horror soundtracks of the 70s. A voice that seems to come from another world weaves the plots of enigmatic and hermetic lyrics that tell a distant past of humanity in which megalithic structures have been built all over the planet. 

A visionary and disturbing video introduces us to this mysterious world using a unique visual style creating a mystical journey into an abyss.

Ratis” is the first single of second highly anticipated album “Nebra” set to release on April 2021 aiming to offer to the listeners a deep hypnotic, monumental black doom at its best.

This is a first taste of this monumental journey. Keep you mind free and embraced.