Onslaught – Generation Antichrist

Me and Onslaught have a story – yeah, my child of the night. I kind of have a story with many bands from the 1980-90s. The fun and shared fact is that Onslaught sophomore album “The Force” was a birthday gift as well. That time it was a group of students of mine who decided to give me the LP as a gift. Nobody has ever explained to me how did they get to the album, but whatever. Maybe some brother or cousin gave it to them.

I confess that I find here a very different band from that of “The Force,” which confessing again I didn’t pay enough attention back then, so I can’t really tell details. But I do remember a band that wasn’t that skilled playing some Darkened Thrash Metal. From where I stood that time, Onslaught weren’t a major league band, they were kind of a second league band, if so. So sorry to say that. But times go and things change, “Generation Antichrist” is very, but very different from what I found back then. Coming to think of it, the band was founded in 1983. The album is well played, the instrumentals are great and their Thrash Metal now doesn’t sound standard as it sounded in the past. I see a band that evolved a lot here.

Well, I must tell that the darkened feeling is still on by tracks themes as in the title track “Generation Antichrist” and “Religousuicide.” The speed and the power still remain as well. But tracks as “A Perfect Day to Die” show something different and more complex. At the beginning of the album with “Rise to Power” the fan who stopped in the early 1990s like me feel the difference with the epic intro and anthemic pace of it. The guitar solos are astonishing as well. But I have to say that my favorite comes with “Strike Fast Strike Hard” with astonishing speed, metalic tones and right to the face chorus. It shows a band with attitude, Thrash Metal doesn’t forgive souless bands and Onslaught took a stand. My congrats to this, lads.  I have an opinion that every Metal band in this sad and lonely and pathetic planet should make a stand against the inequalities of it. But it’ s only my opinion. With it and 10 bucks you buy a CD. But the burning question is who are the clowns of “Bow Down to the Clowns”? I have an idea, but don’t dare to say.

Onslaught “Generation Antichrist” will be released on August 07th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Rise to Power
  2. Strike Fast Strike Hard
  3. Bow Down to the Clowns
  4. Generation Antichrist
  5. All Seeing Eye
  6. Addicted to the Smell of Death
  7. Empires Fall
  8. Religiousuicide
  9. A Perfect Day to Die (2020 Version)

Watch “Religiousuicide” official video here: