Ophidian Forest Stream New Album ‘votlVe’ In Full

Ophidian Forest

Black metal band OPHIDIAN FOREST are now streaming their album votlVe below. The album is being released today and is highly recommended for fans of Botanist, Book of Sand and Entropia.

votlVe track listing:

1. Nerthus
2. Baduhenna
3. Sandraudiga
4. Vagdavercustis
5. Nehalennia
6. Viradectis
7. Hella

Otrebor – Drums (ex-Hellnaut, ex-Rubicon, Botanist, Lotus Thief, ex-Ordo Obsidium, ex-Utter Bastard)
Amalgamoth – Vocals, Keyboards (ex-Hellnaut, ex-Krvorog)
dcrf – Guitars (2017-present) (Book of Sand)

Ophidian Forest Votive

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