Organic – Carved in Flesh

You know that I have never posted a comment on title tracks, don’t you? But I can’t help it saying a bunch of words about “Carved in Flesh” because it is what you feel when you listen to this Organic’s album. The music within it is sharp, you feel each note cutting you deeper and deeper.  “Carved in Flesh” makes you feel like someone’s is slowly carving your flesh with a sharp knife and making you bleed profusely. Music isn’t only to please you, it’s also to make you feel anger and pain. That’s life, my child of the night.

Organic are at times fast, precise, sharp, and lethal. There are eleven tracks in “Carved in Flesh” and the only thing in common they have is the skullcrushing and deadly voice of  vocalist Maxi Careri. His voice is a tone lower than average what makes it deeper. Guitars are also a bit lower tuned than average, but they don’t do this to hide their playing inability. It’s only a strategy. Lower tones sound heavier to human ears though unpleasant to most. Firs Extreme Metal bands notice that. Pay attention to Metallica first albums, they are a very good example, though what they’re doing today is a shame.

Some twenty, thirty years ago, “Carved in Flesh” could be confused to a hardcore band. This is so because there are no guitar solos in their music, except for “From Beyond.” Of course, this would be a huge mistake. There are undistinguishable touches of hardcore in Organic’s music, but they the same present in all Extreme Metal bands. Nothing more than that. Nevertheless, some may confuse their vocals, but they are very Metal because of their tone. Hardcore bands use natural gritty voice, Death Metal bands use unhuman voices. Hardcore is addressed to humans, Death Metal is addressed to unhuman.

Organic “Carved in Flesh” will be released on November 16th via Testimony Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Suffocate in Blood
  2. Shrouded in Darkness
  3. Frozen Meat Medal
  4. Macabre Rites
  5. Der Fotzenknecht
  6. I, Soulless
  7. Carved In Flesh
  8. Carnal Absolution (Behind the Altar)
  9. From Beyond
  10. Death Battalion (Vinyl Bonustrack)
  11. The Result Is to Collapse (Vinyl Bonustrack)

Watch “Macabre Rites” here: