Anders Colsefni Joey Jordison Paul Gray

Anders Colsefni, the original vocalist of SLIPKNOT, has announced that his upcoming tour will be a heartfelt dedication to his late bandmates Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. He plans to honor their memory through his performances and pay tribute to their contributions to the band’s legacy. Fans can expect a moving and emotional experience as Colsefni pours his heart out on stage in memory of his fallen friends.

In October, fans of the nu-metal genre in Australasia are in for a treat as former lead singers from rival bands SLIPKNOT and MUSHROOMHEAD will share the stage for the “Numetal Mayhem” tour.

Anders Colsefni and Waylon Reavis will lay to rest a 25-year feud that has played out in the press and social media. Reavis, who last appeared in Australia in 2014 as frontman for MUSHROOMHEAD, is known for his standout vocals and will perform the band’s classics like “I’ll Be Here” and “Simple Survival.” Waylon will perform hits from A KILLER’S CONFESSION and is hinting that he will be playing his infamous “Roots Bloody Roots” cover by SEPULTURA. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear these iconic tracks.

In a newly released statement to Blabbemouth, Colsefni said about upcoming tour: “As many of you are aware, I am not big on social media or talking in the press but with the growing amount of interest in my forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, I feel it is time to issue a statement.

“My performances as part of this tour are dedicated to my fallen brothers, Joey and Paul. I miss you both dearly. I will be drawing on you both to deliver these songs to our fans with the same level of aggression and volatility that we did together 27 years ago.

“I’d like to acknowledge the vast outpouring of support from my fans all over the world. It has been extremely touching to know how much faith you have had in me for all these years. I will do you all proud.

“I will endeavor to keep the set as authentic to the emotions and sentiments of which they are written but I will deliver them as I am now, not the kid I once was. Since these songs were written almost three decades ago, I have had many great opportunities in various bands to hone my vocal abilities, and stagecraft and to grow as a person.

“In response to Corey‘s well wishes I’d like to say ‘Thank you’. It may come as a surprise to many maggots, but it is actually Corey who I have maintained an ongoing friendship since my departure from the band. There has only ever been a kinship between us. I consider Corey a true brother and he has always had my back, and I his.

“Thank you all again for your adoration and support and I look forward to delivering Australasia ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’ for the first time ever. Long live the KNOT.”