Ostrogoth – Ecstasy and Danger et al Review

High Roller Records is reissuing one more Classic Metal band from the 1980’s. The honored is Ostrogoth, a band which was a rising force of Old School Heavy Metal, but for many reasons didn’t reach the desired stardom. One more band that was almost there as many of its peers. It’s impossible to write the name of them all. The band’s previously released four albums are going to be reissued at the very same date of September 15th. They are their 1983’s debut EP “Full Moon’s Eyes;” 1984’s “Ecstasy and Danger,” the album that almost took to stardom; 1985’s “Too Hot,” and the last, but not least 1987’s “Feelings of Fury,” after which the band disbanded.

As it is usual when we receive a pack like this, I won’t review all the albums, but write a kind of sum up of them all here. Truth to be told, it’s from those average bands that is possible to tell the Heavy Metal signature sound. To some extent, those bands are the ones which built the Heavy Metal sound we all love. Of course, seminal bands, the ones which any Metal fan know by heart, are the ones which took Metal music to the other level, but bands as Ostrogoth had that sound which everyone could say “Ah, this is Metal.” From the guitar riffs to the vocals, all features are the ones any fan has the feeling of “I’ve heard this before.”

Ok, so let’s start with 1984’s “Ecstasy and Danger,” the album that almost took to stardom. I selected this album because I have a story with it. Small, but still, a story. Life is really funny. I remember to have seen this album many, but many times when I was at the record stores back then. I remember to look at it and think what is this? However, I never had the courage to buy the album. Back then I had to choose carefully the album(s) I would buy because the money was really scarce. Ostrogoth and I never really met, if you know what I’m saying. Now, bazillion years after I have the chance to listen to it. It’s a pitty because “Ecstasy and Danger” is the album I’m sure I’d would love.

As I said before, “Ecstasy and Danger” is the kind of average Metal album from the 1980’s. Truth is that it’s exciting, warm, and fulfilling just because it’s predictable. My dear child of the night knows what bands as Ostrogoth have to offer. That’s exactly the appeal. Take album warmer the eight minute “Queen of Desire,” for instance, and its lead guitar full of effects and hammer ons, yes, the ones 10 in 11 Metal guitarists loved to play to show off. Effective, pretty effective then and now. The guitar riff is sticky. The kind that sticks to one’s mind and never leave. Marc “Red Star” de Brauwer’s high pitches are a stapler from that era. It’s impossible not to like them. Ostrogoth are the band that really knows how to use those famous breaks. “Queen of Desire” has a killer one. So does “Ecstasy and Danger.” Album tittle track is the most original from the album. A Metal anthem back then and now.

In fact, “Ecstasy and Danger” is a great album. Here and there as in the grand finale “Do It Right” my dear child of the night might remember other Metal acts. I did. But the intent here is to be pure. It’s simply something we feel.

I also heard 1987’s “Feelings of Fury,” the album that marked the end of the band. Honestly, I can’t say I didn’t like it, but the thing is that Ostrogoth made the same mistake many other bands did. That is, to record an album too fancy far from the band’s roots. It’s overproduced as many of their peers. Of course, to today’s fans the album doesn’t pass this feeling, but thinking backwards, it does.

If you have the chance to listen to them, do it. You won’t be disappointed if your thing is Classic Metal.

Ostrogoth “Ecstasy and Danger” et all will be released on September 15th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Queen of Desire
  2. Ecstasy and Danger
  3. A Bitch Again
  4. Stormbringer
  5. Scream Out
  6. Lords of Thunder
  7. The New Generation
  8. Do It Right

Watch “Queen Of Desire” live at Golden Age Rock Festival Liége 2022 here: