Outlaw – Reaching Beyond Assiah Review

Definitely the melodic verve of Metal music has taken the lead of most Metal productions. Even Black Metal, which used to be the most ferocious with no concessions verve of Metal Music, has rendered to its melodic side. There’s no value judgement here, it’s only the real thing. From where I’m standing, I have to confess that I like this melodic verve indeed. The way I see it music gets much more emotionally complex which gives bands the opportunity to explore many different sonancies. Even more likeable when the band maintains the musical cruelty throught relentless drumming pounding and spanking as Outlaw with “Reaching Beyond Assiah” do here. Outlaw bounce both with an enormous ability because it’s not that easy as we fans imagine to ponder between the cruelty and the sweetness. I guess human kind has been dealing with this since the beginning of times.

“Reaching Beyond Assiah” welcomes my dear child of the night with “Bliss of Soul” whose drumming spanking is done with all the heart drummer T. from the very depts of his black soul. Vocals here take a huge part on the emotional side by giving the fan that sensation of despair and loneliness that only very few can do. As we are talking about emotion “Beyond The Realms of God” commences with a tranquil guitar strumming full of reverbs to suddenly, in a blast, explode on the fan’s face with the regular drumming spanking T. does plus a furious guitar that leaves nothing behind. The track deals with its tittle all the time in a conscient duel between God’s essence and the dark soul of Outlaw. “Beyond The Realms of God” with the contradictions of life; why so many suffer, why there’s so much suffering and pain in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. Vocals here are also the pinnacle of the track where despair is only the beginning. Vocals deliver passion. That kind of passion that moves this world. It’s hard to get this nowadays.

Many talk about being true or being loyal to the essence. “Reaching Beyond Assiah” showcases a band who’s loyal to its essence. Needless to say that I feel from here all the real essence of Outlaw by each note given. This is Metal music in its purest essence. Metal music at its best. The music here comes from the very depths of the black soul of each member of this power trio – power trios are always amazing, aren’t they? The way the band deals with its daunting emotions is really something. My oppinion, as I said before, is that to add more melody gives more opportunities to bands to express themselves. The outcome is albums as “Reaching Beyond Assiah.”

Outlaw “Reaching Beyond Assiah” will be released on March 31st via AOP Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bliss of Soul
  2. To Burn This World And Dissolve The Flesh
  3. Beyond The Realms of God
  4. The Unending Night
  5. Everything That Becomes Nothing
  6. The Serpent’s Chant
  7. Reaching Beyond Assiah

Watch “Beyond The Realms of God” official music video here: