Overkill – The Atlantic Years 1986-1994 Review

Now I see a pretty decent and deserved homage to a band that many fans consider one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal and a legend into the Metal music world. The name of the band is Overkill and the homage is the re-release of their albums from 1986-1994 which are split into six discs tenderly called Disc 1 “Taking Over,” Disc 2 “Under the Influence,” Disc 3 “The Years of Decay,” Disc 4 “Horrorscope,” Disc 5 “Hear Black” and finally Disc 6 “W.F.O.”.

Just a review ago I was talking about affective memories that a comfort Metal band brings to you. This pack tells a hell lot of affective memories to me. I remember the now very distant year of 1987 when I got lended Overkill’s debut album “Taking Over” and was amazed by the sonic butchery the album delivered. It was the time of cassete tapes and I remember to have recorded all the songs from the album. Not a commum thing that time. Their blend of Power Metal that years ago was named Thrash Metal was overwheelming to a teenager version of me. Just the kind of sound I was expecting the power of Old School Metal with something new that we didn’t quite know what it was back then. Acid guitars with a flamming and nervous drumming with a vocal that wasn’t merely the singing. It was something else. “Taking Over” was a watershed to me. I was ready to dive into the new and astonishing sound that was comign from the depts of the Metal world. I guess that say that “In Union We Stand” is one of the unsung hymns of Metal music isn’t to be close enough to the reality a powerful song like that made to the lives of many metallers throughout this sad and lonely and pathetic little world. The energy that emerges from tracks as album opener “Deny the Cross” and “Wrecking Crew” really meant a lot taht time. And still does. “Taking Over” is an album that goes beyond time and space. If life were fair, the album should receive all kinds of awards.

Cut to 1999. A dear friend of mine was recently divorced and the way we found to cheer him up was to go to an Overkill’s gig. It was a blast. I confess that I hadn’t heard from the band since their debut album. And I can’t really explain why. The kind of thing that happens in the life of a Metal fan. The band was fantastic. Metallers were crazy with the now veterans of the Metallic wars who hadn’t get the recognition they did deserve. The show ended with all of us having to walk a hell lot because buses and taxis weren’t really available. But worth it.

From the other albums I can’t say a word. It doesn’t mean that are belittled. On the contrary, it only proves that I still have a lot to know.

BMG now pays the respect Overkill has ever deserved. This pack will get new fans and amaze old fans as me. Better late than sorry.

Overkill “The Atlantic Years 1986-1994” will be released on October 29th via BMG.

Watch “In Union We Stand” official video here: