OZZY OSBOURNE’s NFL Halftime Set Got Only 10 Seconds Of Airtime

Ozzy Osbourne NFL Set

Unfortunately, fans who tuned in to see Ozzy Osbourne‘s at opening game of the NFL season performance were left disappointed, as NBC only aired 10 seconds of the set.

This was despite the fact that Osbourne had been hyping up his performance over the past week, with multiple social media posts promoting the halftime set. Adding to the excitement, the performance coincided with the release of Osbourne‘s new album, Patient Number 9, which is out today.

It is unclear why NBC chose to only air a brief portion of Osbourne‘s performance, but many fans took to social media to express their disappointment. Luckily, fan-filmed video footage of Ozzy‘s entire performance can be seen below.

Fans in the stadium were treated to a multi-song medley from legendary BLACK SABBATH singer while viewers at home saw a portion of the performance on NBC and Peacock during halftime.

Ozzy opened with the title track of his new album, Patient Number 9, backed by the record’s producer Andrew Watt on guitar, Chris Chaney on bass and Tommy Clufetos on drums. Zakk Wylde then joined them onstage to play the singer’s classic song “Crazy Train.”