Paradox Heresy II – End of a Legend Review

Even I have my days of having to pass some albums and not to review them. I’d rather pass than badmouth, thats what I think. So, when I don’t like an album I pass it. I had two albums before I met Paradox and “Heresy II – End of a Legend” an album whose origins can be  musically and lyrically traced back to 1990. By the way, the band has a history too as it was finally baptized and born in 1986 after a long succession of names. The fan may know their debut 1987’s “Product of Imagination“ an album whose cover I guess every Metal fan has seen at least once in the life.

Well, here we are in 2021 with the eighth album of the band. An album that in fact doesn’t get so far away from its predecessors. The music in here is almost the same as the band used to do in their good old days except the intro to “Escape from the Burning” which is pretty modern. To some it’s more of the same, to others it’s a sign of a great character. I go with the second. I respect a lot a band that stay loyal to its roots no matter what. Musically, the Thrash Metal Paradox defend here is much more near Anthrax’s than Slayer. I have to warn my dear fan of that. It means that vocals are more melodic and clean. No harsh voice or gutural of any kind. Instrumentaly Paradox bounce a little. There are heavier and faster tracks as “Unholy Conspiracy” with a giant guitar riffing that blows up the fans mind. Others are much more near Power Metal as opening track “Escape from the Burning” whose cadence bounces a little. For the record, guitars are sharp in all tracks. Solos are great and the riffing is also very efficient. In fact, some tracks go a little far from that path. This is “A Man of Sorrow” which can’t be put as simple as that. From where I’m standing it would be better put as Heavy Metal with a hard and great chorus. Paradox are a band that still believe finesse has its place in Metal music and I do agree with them.

The great thing of “Heresy II – End of a Legend” is the mix of Power Metal with early Thrash Metal a mix my fan maybe doesn’t know pretty well as few bands are doing it these days. In other words, the mix between melody and butchery. A butchery done with extreme finesse. This I guess explains better the album to my dear child of the night. Sometimes a deep dive into the past and back is everything my fan wants. Am I wrong?

Paradox “Heresy II – End of a Legend” will be released on September 24th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Escape from the Burning
  2. Mountains and Caves
  3. The Visitors
  4. Children of a Virgin
  5. Journey Into Fear
  6. Burying a Treasure
  7. A Meeting of Minds
  8. Priestly Vows
  9. Unholy Conspiracy
  10. A Man of Sorrow (Prologue)
  11. A Man of Sorrow
  12. The Great Denial
  13. End of a Legend

Watch “The Visitors” official video here: