Phantom Winter – Her Cold Materials Review

Two things immeaditely raise the eyebrows while listening to “Her Cold Materials,” which, first of all, is a very cool album tittle. Second of all is the drumming of “Her Wound Is Grave.” It’s really rare to find that kind of behind the beat drumming Christof Rath does here. It’s a technique very few Metal drummers use. The album is a mix of a Blackened Doom Metal with some experimental sounds and instrumentals and some small doses of Modern Metal. Phantom Winter experiment some noises and feedbacks as some guitar bands used to do. They give an extra dose of darkness and somber moods to the songs. All those references give the album its unique sonancy.

“Her Cold Materials” has five tracks and each one is kind of unique what makes the album a pleasant thing to listen to. Album warmer “Flamethrowers” is a pure Doom Metal gem with some Black Metal slants the thing which gives the album its unique flavor. The unexpected is the thing of the album. My dear child of the night will notice lots of unexpected solutions and moments in the album. As I said before, the guitar effects and feedbacks give the songs the thumbs up. There are also some female vocals appearing here and there which are also a highlight as in “Dark Lanterns” just because they are not the expected which would be the contrast between the harsh and the sweet many bands do. They are mysterious, somber, and bewildering. “Shadow Barricade” is the track to be the stapler of the mix Phantom Winter do. The harsh vocals with the experimental instrumentals make an outstanding combination.

It’s interesting that I only notice listening to grand finale “The Unbeholden” the album has no guitar leads. The curious and daring use of the guitars leave no room to miss them at all. “When I Throw Up” is a great example. The guitars are played in a way the fan can’t miss the lack of lead guitars. The track is the one with the most shinning experimental grip of the album. It’s almost a post-punk or something with the heavy hands of a Doom Metal band. Vocals are also the dissimilar thing. It’s a track that outstands. “Her Cold Materials” is really an album that makes a great impression.

Phantom Winter “Her Cold Materials” was released on October 27th via This Charming Man Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Flamethrowers
  2. Her Wound is Grave
  3. When I Throw Up
  4. Shadow Barricade
  5. Dark Lanterns
  6. The Unbeholden

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