Pinkish Black – Concept Unificat

It is so funny to see that in weird some way things are connected. I had just finished my last review, and as I always do, I put the next album in line. As I always listen to albums doing something else in my computer, and as I was kind of distracted I kind of thought that I had put the last album again. To my surprise I hadn’t done that, and I was listening to Pinkish Black “Concept Unificat.” But it was just for some seconds because soon “Concept Unificat” turned into a gloomy and dark effort, much more than the album I was listening.

In fact, Pinkish Black “Concept Unificat” is so dark featured with so many gothic features that I dare to say that it’s not that Metal. It’s more gothic than Metal, in a more generous thought, it’s more kind of a crossover. But, hey, make no mistake. This is still a Metal page. It’s not because we’re reviewing an album that is not that Metal we’re betrayed the moviment. No, not a bit. We’re still Metal.

In fact, maybe I overreacted about “Concept Unificat” being not that Metal. The thing is that it is so dark and gloomy that I maybe made a mistake. Of course, there are many features of gothic as the keyboards in “Dial Tone,” but the highly distorted opaque guitars are Metal indeed as the beginning. Being frank, as I always am with you my child of the night, “Concept Unificat” is a hard album to label. Take for instance the following track the instrumental “Petit Mal” with its art rock cadence and keyboarding with such a nice balance that makes you, for a moment, forget this sick and lonely and sad and miserable planet we all live in. Its ethereal mood flies you very far it for our sakes. Having second thoughts, the moods contained in “Concept Unificat” are not so different from the ones in some Atmospheric Black Metal bands, just – if it’s possible – darker, weirder and glommier.

Well, in the mood for something ethereal, dark, and gloomy with touches of art and gothic rock? If you are, here it is Pinkish Black with “Concept Unificat.” I guess it will satisfy your basic needs.

Pinkish Black “Concept Unificat” was released on June 14th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Concept Unification
  2. Until
  3. Dial Tone
  4. Petit Mal
  5. Inanimatronic
  6. Next Solution
  7. Away Again
  8. We Wait

Watch “Until” official audio video here: