Poland’s VANE To Release Debut Album ‘Black Vengeance’ In November

Photo credit: Paweł Kowalski, Bandphoto.pl

Polish melodic death metal pirates VANE are set to launch their first full-length album Black Vengeance — a follow-up to their 2017 promo release titled The Prologue — on November 30th.

“We’ve always enjoyed the mythos of a pirate and the stories from the Golden Age,” the band commented about what inspired the upcoming release. “Naturally, when forming a project together, we wanted to pay homage to this fascinating historical era. ‘Black Vengeance’ was inspired by the biography of one of the strangest pirates from this time. We used the history as a base to create an interesting story full of plot twists and grand events, one of which is betrayal and lust for vengeance afterwards. And all of that is served with melodic and groovy metal sauce.”

They went on saying, “Our goal was to give people music that plays in our heads along with great story (and hopefully entertain them with it). We hope that fans will have great time listening to it and discovering the minute details and tasty bits that are hidden in the recording. The title — ‘Black Vengeance’ — refers to a key point in the story that we’re telling over the course of those ten songs.”

The album art for Black Vengeance, designed by Michał “XAAY” Loranc (NileBehemothKamelotDecapitated), resembles an old book cover inspired by labels and signs from days long gone by, yet with a modern twist to it and huge attention to detail.

“The visual part is of huge importance to us, thus we want to give our listeners a complete experience where the graphics, video content and music intertwine into one whole story,” the band states.

VANE spent over a year writing and polishing the music on Black Vengeance, with some changes being made even during the recording process, “all in service of composition and listening pleasure.” The process was mainly built around writing songs and recording them at home, sending them to other band members, reviewing, adapting.

“Some songs had over 30 versions and generally speaking it was a really intensive period,” they agree.

After the release of Black Vengeance in November, VANE plan to promote live by touring in its support.

“We hope to release some new singles while doing it. We plan to be extremely busy,” they conclude.

Black Vengeance Track Listing:

1. Born Again
2. Edge of the Cutlass
3. I Am Your Pain
4. Randy Dandy-O
5. Death’s Season
6. Spilling Guts
7. Mutiny
8. Rise to Power
9. Black Vengeance
10. Davy’s Grip
11. Hangman


Marcin Parandyk – vocals (Killsorrow, Thy Disease)
Mateusz Gajdzik – guitars (ex-Witchking, ex-Saratan, ex-Crystal Viper)
Robert Zembrzycki – guitars (ex-Acid Drinkers, ex-Corruption, ex-Saratan)
Marcin Zdeb – drums
Łukasz Łukasik – bass (ex-Netherfell)

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