Power From Hell – Blood’n’Spikes

There are days that it is difficult to write even if you got a very exciting and fierceful album like this Power From Hell with “Blood’n’Spikes.” You just do not find the exact words to express what you feel. The problem is that sometimes you feel nothing. Yeah, that is correct. It is not that you aren’t in the mood. No, it is not it. You simply do not feel anything to say. But the show must go on, and the pile of records to review is getting huge…

“Blood’n’Spikes” sure is a very good name for a metal record. So is Power From Hell to a metal band. There are only 6 tracks in “Blood’n’Spikes,” and one of them is a Judas Priest cover – “Freewheel Burning”, which is a very well deserved tribute to one of the most important metal bands ever. Power From Hell did a good job in it. They followed the simple rule of not destroying it as some bands do when covering. It is a honest cover. Really a tribute.

If you are the fan that pays close attention to records names, you must have noticed that “Blood’n’Spikes” goes directly back to the 1980s early black metal bands. Power From Hell sonance comes right from bands like early Slayer, Venom, Sodom, and many others. Does that count against Power From Hell? No, not really in my oppinion, and remember, my oppinion and ten bucks buy a CD. “Blood’n’Spikes” is exciting. Its drumming make you bang your head fiercefully since the first track, “Hell’s Gang Bang.” Power From Hell’s sonic proposal is to bring back the excitement and power that the transition from NWOBHM to extreme metal. I mean, it is not only the drumming, which is fast, but using only one bass, and that is what makes all the difference; guitar riffs have more notes, a bit more fussy; so are the solos. And the bass works as the heart beat. It gives exactly the beat of the song.

“Blood’n’Spikes” is a travel back to the good old 1980s.

Power From Hell’s “Blood’n’Spikes” will be released on February 19th via Dying Victims Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Hell’s Gang Bang
  2. Swallowed By Darkness
  3. Obscure Creation
  4. Altars of the Black Rites
  5. Into the Void of Death
  6. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest – Cover)

Watch “Swallowed By Darkness” music video here: