Primitiv – Immortal and Vile

30mm_sticker  I am going to be perfectly honest with you people – when the intro track began I swore to god I was listening to a part of the theme for “The Dark Knight” for a moment, and that made me very excited for what was to come because a simple intro track was so epic and then there was a guttural voice over that sounds like the narrator of the apocalypse. That is just the beginning to Primitiv’s debut album “Immortal and Vile”, and what follows is some of the most intense and best death metal that I’ve heard for a long time. This Indian quintet prove by the second track that they have created an album that is raw, heavy, and proves that Primitiv are without a doubt one of the best bands in their whole country, and that’s saying a lot for a country where there’s an absolute f**k ton of metal talent coming out every single day. If you want an album with riffs that are heavier than the center of the sun and as aggressive as a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, then “Immortal and Vile” has got what you have been looking for as this album is undoubtedly some of the best death metal to come out in recent memory from anywhere. Vocals that are deeper than the pits of hell, guitars that have magnificent riffs, a bass that feels like it has the power to split apart the Earth, and drums that are the doldrums of death itself all come together for these 7 tracks that will keep your headphones glued on, your head banging, and your pants far more than soiled. And to add onto the magnificence, “Immortal and Vile” is not just a mess of death metal with every track sounding the exact same. Instead, Primitiv think to slow the pace down so that there’s a real crunch that is reminiscent of doom metal, but without the super slow tempo. There are also bits where everything comes to a halt and become atmospheric which really brings a great feel into the mix before throwing you back into the flames with the brutality that you had become familiar with. This an amazing start for the new year, if you ask me. With everything that you could possibly want out of a death metal album and have it done flawlessly, Primitiv have proven themselves and “Immortal and Vile” is the beginning to something fantastic. And when this album finally drops, I implore you to check it out because it is an experience you will not want to end any time soon.

“Immortal and Vile” comes out February 1st, and you can pre-purchase the album here and stream the single “World War Zero” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Clash of the Gods
  2. World War Zero
  3. The Demon of Silence
  4. Lake Rancid
  5. Dead Man’s Desert
  6. Taurus
  7. Lords of Primitv