Prismeria – Lost Individual Thoughts

What to think of a band that their first track on their first EP is called “Bar Fight”? What if I told the song makes you believe you are in a bar fight like those we see on movies? How about their vocals sounding insane and crazier as if Death Metal, but in  a band that isn’t really Death Metal? How about crunchier riffing as if the band were Thrash Metal at their best? Can you picture an Anthrax adrenalized with Suicidal Tendencies with an angrier and more disrespectful to the rules vocalist? What if this band could make you remember Metallica’s good old days?

Well, then, here I present you Prismeria with “Lost Individual Thoughts,” their debut EP. Prismeria make some thrash bands sound like a choir of angels when compared to them, that’s the truth, I believe so. Simply because they were able to get together the fine art of musical debauch with lots of energy and musical competence. Guitar solos are way crazier than Suicidal Tendencies would ever imagine, and Suicidal are the kings of insane soloing. Take a pic at “M.O.A.B,” yes, an instrumental track, and dare to tell me, if you can, that it doesn’t remember Metallica’s good days when they were exciting and the most defying band ever. Prismeria sometimes sound like the lost link between Thrash Metal and Death Metal keeping the debauched feeling of punk with the rawness and style of Death Metal.

“Lost Individual Thoughts” is a hell of debut album. The one we’ll keep on praising for a long time. It’s complex, though raw; aggressive though subtle; strong though delicate; therefore it’s Metal at its best.  “Lost Individual Thoughts” is the perfect link between 1980s riffing and modern urge to be stronger and harsher than ever. Though it may sound Yeah, the country of Asterix can still offers us best quality Metal bands. There’s no doubt about it.

Prismeria “Lost Individual Thoughts” was released on October 31st digitally.

Track Listing:

  1. Bar Fight
  2. A Modern War
  3. Unless They Come
  4. M.O.A.B
  5. Under The Sun
  6. Eat The Wolf (Bonus Track)

Watch “Bar Fight” official video here: