PUDDLE OF MUDD’s WES SCANTLIN Complains About The Lights Then Walks Offstage Midconcert: ‘F**k You, Motherf**ker’

Wes Scantlin Lights

PUDDLE OF MUDD frontman Wes Scantlin walked offstage midconcert this past Saturday, November 20, at the EPIC Event Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin after complaining about the venue’s lights.

In the video, which is available below, Scantlin can be seen holding both his hands in front of his face while attempting to sing one of the songs.

At the end of the track, he told the crowd: “I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show. Now I can see all you people. But if you guys were standing up here where I’m at right now, it’s like a f*cking flashlight blinking in your f*cking head, and I don’t think that’s f*cking cool, really.” He then apparently addresses the in-house light technician directly, saying: “Sounds like a f*cking motherf*cking idiot to me. F*ck you, motherf*cker. Out of nowhere, here’s another f*cking douchebag f*ck. I’ve got a flashlight too, motherf*cker.”

One fan who attended the show, wrote: “This was by far the WORST performance I have ever seen and attended. I seriously feel bad for the EPIC Event Center for hosting this crap show. This man needed to retire 10 years ago. PUDDLE OF MUDD such a shame.”