Purification – The Exterminating Angel Review

Normally, coeteris paribus, I would pass this album. I’d give it a no. But, as I always say, I give bands and albums the second listening and that made wonders. At first, I thought it was extremely doomy for me. However, I was enchanted by the guitar and vocals melodies that Purification gathered in “The Exterminating Angel” album. The 1970’s Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny” with long and melodic isntrumental passages feeling mixed with some really doomy Black Sabbath in the early years really got me by the guts and heart. In fact, that’s something we can really discuss. I don’t think Black Sabbath were that doomy to inspire so many Doom Metal bands. Of course, there are classic tunes in their career as “Eletric Funeral” and, mostly, from “Sabotage” album. The main drive of the great and epic Black Sabbath were the faster and heavier songs. Of course, I say that from my point of view and as I am the one with the pen… hahahahahahahahaha

Purification got to change what would be something very boring into something exciting. The instrumental melodies changed “The Exterminating Angel” and gave it that somethng that really amazes. There is a conception into Doom Metal bands, wrong from my point of view, that songs have to slow and unchangeable. No, no, no and no. When the fan listens to the first guitar melodic solos the impression in “Unholy Resurrection” the feeling is that that thing that was missing was added. The same happens when vocals came reinforced by the inspired and amazingly beautiful guitar solos that accompain them. There is some sensation of fullfilment and satisfaction with the track. Purification followed exactly Black Sabbath’s lessons and build up a track that amazes and satisfies the fan. Not easy task, I must say. The sweet and discreet keyboards gave “Unholy Resurrection” its grand finale giving it an ethereal and out of this world mood. Following track “On Earth as It Is” dlivers the Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny” instrumental feeling with its long instrumental passages that sound simple but do the trick. Exactly as Judas Priest. It’s a track with that slow cadence however with plot twists that add a lot to the final outcome. Those twists take away that boring feeling that some Doom songs insist on having. The song is pungent and muscular. Great guitar phrasing. Lord Donangato Resurrected’s guitar is the thing that really makes a difference in “The Exterminating Angel” with its clever and rewarding interventions. However the best is yet to come with “The Exterminating Angel Part I and II” where Purification show that it’s possible, and desirable, to add some faster tempo parts. Also the 1980’s Gothic mood helps a lot and a bit of the melancholy of The Smiths. Awesome.

Purification “The Exterminating Angel Part I and II” will be released on July 23rd via Rafchild Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Unholy Resurrection
  2. On Earth as It Is
  3. The Exterminating Angel Part I and II
  4. Sublime Thrones in Kaaba
  5. Dreamtiger
  6. The Way of All Flesh

Watch “The Exterminating Angel” full album here: