Rage – Wings of Rage

Heavy Metal is just a thing that no one besides a fan can explain for sure. The passion, the power, the might, the music. Impossible to translate into words. How to explain to the layman, to the commoner, that in a show of a band like Rage it is possible to find three or more generations of metalheads? How to explain that a band with a career of 35 years and 24 albums to go can still gather the attention of the today’s kids with pretty much the same sonance that adapted through time? I guess there is no way. Sorry to you.

The funny thing is that Rage weren’t part of A team of Metal in the 1980s. B tops, but you know, time has its magic. Aging really makes miracles. To bands sometimes it is what they do deserve and need. And Rage have nailed the opportunity time gave them. The band really knew how to age with outstanding albums throughout the so many years. And now the new one, the 24th of the list “Wings of Rage” which starts with “True” a thrist-for-blood song with a howling wolf and some girlie screams in the beginning. “True” is a typical 1980s track with a cadenced riff and a powerhouse drumming. Ah, and a sing-along chorus which I’m still singing. “True” is Rage at their best. And comes “Let Them Rest in Peace” with its Thrash grip and the famous German “ohohoho” war cry that Accept and other german bands made famous. To bang with all the heart. Killer rampant guitar riff. “Chasing the Twilight Zone” and “Shadow Over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)” honor the famous opening track of an iconic TV show “The Twilight Zone” which had a remake in the 1980s. Interesting. It’s not every day that a Metal band honors a TV show no matter how famous and iconic.

“Wings of Rage” may represent both past and future. There are tracks that seem to be taken from the most remote past of the band and also tracks that represent the future the band desires. Title track “Wings of Rage” and  “Tomorrow” – proper name, isn’t it? – are the tracks that may represent the future. The most aggressive grip and the pungent vocals give the path to some killing tunes. On the other hand, there are tracks as “A Nameless Grave” and “Shine a Light” where Rage seem to be looking for something with them. Maybe looking for some new directions. well, we don’t know for sure. Nor they do, I guess. Only time will tell though.

And yet there is much to come.

Rage “Wings of Rage” will be released on January 10th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. True
  2. Let Them Rest in Peace
  3. Chasing the Twilight Zone
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Wings of Rage
  6. Shadow over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)
  7. A Nameless Grave
  8. Don’t Let Me Down
  9. Shine a Light
  10. HTTS 2.0
  11. Blame It on the Truth
  12. For Those Who Wish to Die

Watch “Let Them Rest in Peace” official music video here:

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