RAGEHAMMER To Release ‘Into Certain Death’ In September

Ragehammer Band

The new album from RAGEHAMMER will be released on 18 September via Pagan Records in digital, CD and LP formats. Entitled Into Certain Death the album follows up 2016’s The Hammer Doctrine

Into Certain Death consists of 10 slabs of sonic violence with variable pain levels in the characteristic of sincere and brutal blackened thrash metal style which continues the path RAGEHAMMER chose when starting in 2011.

Into Certain Death track listing:

1. Beneath the Red Suns
2. We are the Hammer
3. Jesus Goat
4. Peace
5. Na Pewną Śmierć
6. 616. TerrorKorps
7. Fear Toxin
8. Omega Red
9. Dragon City
10. Prophet of Genocide part II (Mother Winter Eternal)

The artwork to In Certain Death was done by Devinez

In support of the album, Ragehammer will set off on 18 September on a tour entitled “BLITZ MMXX: PANDEMIC MADNESS TOUR” with VADER and MARDUK, who will be celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Ragehammer Into Certain Death