Raven – Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg

There was a time not long ago that the finest moment of a rock/Metal band was to release an alive album. Tell that to Kiss, or any band that built their reputation over an alive album. Alive albums are a bit down now for a lot of reasons and the internet is just one of them. In a snapshot you can watch a show of your favorite band alive or you can just roll over Youtube and watch that show that you’ve always wanted to have seen. But overdubs, or the simple threat of them having been used, are a big reason of why alive albums got so downside. Again blame it on Kiss. But you can also blame it to Ozzy, or any other you can think of, but the thing is: alive albums lost their magic.

So, what’s there for you now? Record the most honest alive album you can with all your heart and soul. Capture the essence of your band the best possible. That’s what Raven did in “Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg,” their next alive album. Just in case you don’t know them, Raven are a veteran band from the NWOBHM era. Many times were said that they would be the next on the steps of fame, but they weren’t. Yeah, they made lots of mistakes, one after another, and history wasn’t not kind to them as it was for other bands that step out as Def Lepard, just to name a few. Raven were one of the bands that in the search for a place on the Sun, did what they thought it was right, but time – ah, time – proved them wrong. Anyway, it doesn’t matter at all because the Metal gods were kind to them and gave them the chance to reestablish themselves and here we are with an alive which is – and that was the right call – an alive best of. Raven handpicked the best songs of their long career to record alive, and it worked just fine. “Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg” is a killer album.

But why “Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg” is so good? Because it was recorded in the old fashioned way capturing everything Raven do on stage, even the jokes and all the solos that extended many songs. “Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg” makes one think to be on stage with Raven. That’s the secret of it. Not to mention, of course, the charisma frontman John Gallagher has. The man is a real crooner, and a few do it better. He handles as hell the fine art of amazing a crowd. That’s it. Only that? Yes, do it yourself if you dare to.

Raven “Screaming Murder Death from above – Live in Aalborg” will be released on January 18th via Steamhammer/SPV Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Destroy All Monsters
  2. Hell Patrol
  3. All for One
  4. Hung Drawn and Quartered
  5. Rock Until You Drop
  6. A.A.N.S.M.M.G.N.
  7. Tank Threads (The Blood Runs Red)
  8. Faster Than the Speed of Light
  9. On and on
  10. Break the Chain
  11. Crash Bank Wallop

Watch “Mind over Metal” official alive video here: