Recite the Cynic – Recite the Cynic Review

Recite the Cynic are the illogical product of 2 folk metal artists.
In 2021 after Falconer disbanded after 20 active years Stefan Weinerhall forced himself to think fresh. After trials and errors some songs took form in a mix of metal and EBM/Electro with anything than positive or cheerful lyrics. What was missing was voclas. Mathias Gyllengahm of the band Utmarken was already a known man since he had been a session member of the final Falconer album. He was contacted and happened to be an old Synth-fan. After laying down vocals for some songs they mutually agreed to make this a duo and further develop the direction and sound of RTC.

Although both members are from the folky side of metal it might appear strange that RTC is anything but folk inspired. The foundation is electronic music spiced up with metal elements and the “full-on” metal vocals of Mathias. If one is forced to make any likenesses it would be in the vicinity of Die Krupps and Pain but with a emphasis on strong melodies.

For a better understanding of Recite the Cynic, I decided to present the band’s biography first before writing anything about them. I guess it gives a better view of what the band deliver here.

I’m well aware that this kind of mix isn’t exactly new, but I’m always surprised when I get a band doing it. At first, album warmer “Taunting the Jesters” wasn’t really the thing I like of this unusual mix with its strong techno slant, however, when the guitars and vocals came everything changed. The song got definitely what I like about the dough that is the contrast of the heavy guitars with the techno beat plus the very Metal vocals. For my own surprise as sometimes I forget that electro music has its variances, “Parasites And Leeches” got me with its 1980’s keyboardings and a Gothic vocal. I just loved the guitar licks and bridges along the nsong that give a more Metal intent to it. It was really satisfying as well to listen to the Prog Metal slant of “Never Question” which rose even more my interest to the band. Mathias Gyllengahm’s highs immediately were addressed to Queensrÿche’s Geoff Tate’s – immediately is a matter of speaking, it took really a while to remind whose voice was. By the way, there is a lot of Queensrÿche’s here. As we were talking about 1980’s techno “Take the Bullet” really addresses to Men Without Hats “The Safety Dance.” This one’s only for 1980’s kids…

Yeah, the combination isn’t new, but Recite the Cynic made “Recite the Cynic” a really good album even though my dear child of thenight doesn’t like techno.

P.S.: Very interesting album cover.

Track Listing:

  1. Taunting the Jesters
  2. Parasites and Leeches
  3. Never Question
  4. Take the Bullet
  5. Valentine
  6. Verbal Whore
  7. Global Money Gods
  8. Constant Discontentment
  9. O Sweet Seclusion

Watch “Take the Bullet” official music video here: